11100  County  Road  GG.5

Las  Animas, CO 81054

Phone: (719)456-1363

Fax: (719) 456-2003

Due to a great working relationship between the Bent and Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office’s all emergency service providers in Kiowa and Bent County, (Sheriff, Fire and Ambulance) are dispatched though the Bent County Communication Center. Located and operated by the Bent County Sheriff’s Office in Las Animas, manned 24 hours a day 365 day a year.

All 911 emergency calls for both Bent and Kiowa County are answered here by a highly trained and qualified dispatcher.  These dispatchers also answer day to day phone calls from citizens and visitors to both Bent and Kiowa County.

All dispatchers of the Bent County Communication Center are knowledgeable in the workings and area of Kiowa County. Emergency providers work closely with this skilled team of dispatchers to insure that all emergencies in our county are handled in a proper and timely fashion.