The Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office is staffed with five full-time, two part-time sworn peace officers and two civilian employee. The agency provides law enforcement services for Kiowa County, (approximately 1788 square miles, with 1180.54 square miles of roads including state highways 96 and 385 and federal highway 287) the towns of Haswell, Eads, and Sheridan Lake and serving the unincorporated communities of Arlington, Chivington, Brandon and Towner.

The Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office, Colorado State Patrol, and Colorado Division of Wildlife are the only law enforcement agencies that operate in Kiowa County. With the bulk of standard law enforcement activity being conducted by the Sheriff’s Office (other than traffic or wildlife enforcement). Due to most emergency responders in Kiowa County are volunteers, the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office responds to every emergent call in the county. This is to ensure that there is enough personnel on any emergency scene.

In addition to providing law enforcement services to Kiowa County, the Sheriff’s Office also performs traffic enforcement. Currently the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office monitors and patrols a large amount of traffic moving through the county on Highway 287 and Highway 96. Highway 287 is part of the federally designated Ports-to-Plains trade corridor, moving legal and illegal goods between Canada to Mexico. According to Colorado Department of Transportation statistics for Highway 287, an estimated average of 6,900 vehicles per day passes through the Kiowa County. With an average amount of 760 two axle trucks, and an average amount of 3,270 semi’s. These statistics show trucks, both two axle and semi’s equal 58.40 percent of traffic through Kiowa County on a daily basis.