History of the

Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office


Kiowa County was founded on April 11th, 1889. During the early years Kiowa County was mainly a railroad and agriculture community.

The Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office was instated in 1889. The first Sheriff, J.J. Kella was appointed Sheriff rather than elected. 

During our more than a century of service to Kiowa County we have had one deputy killed in the line of duty

deputy hickman

On March 14, 1930, Deputy Hickman saw a vehicle that matched the description of a vehicle used in a recent robbery. Hickman followed the vehicle as it turned a corner, sped up and then stopped as if to look at the tires. As Hickman caught up with the vehicle, three bandits, armed with rifles and “six” guns, jumped out and headed for Hickman’s car. The bandits opened fire and Hickman was shot six times. The bandits fled and were apprehended two miles south of Jetmore, Kansas. Source: Kiowa County Press.

Deputy Coral A. Hickman