MEDIA RELEASE 01/04/2014

MEDIA RELEASE – For Immediate Release
January 4, 2014

1,200 Marijuana Plants Seized in Haswell, Two Arrested
(HASWELL, COLORADO) The Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant Saturday morning (January 4, 2014) at a home in Haswell, Colorado, where an estimated 1,200 marijuana plants were discovered.
Two people, who are not believed to be Colorado residents, Joseph Capone 43 years old and Philip Marra 48 years old, were arrested and transported to the Bent County Jail. Both men were being held on $8,000.00 bond per person for possession and cultivation of more than 30 marijuana plants.  More charges are expected to be added pending further investigation. Joseph Capone has posted bond and was released a day later. 
“This is a very sophisticated operation,” stated Kiowa County Sheriff Forrest Frazee. “Plants are lined up in various stages of growth, with the largest being about three feet tall. None were in bloom yet.”
Frazee stated that the two individuals are thought to have lived at the location for about two months.
Sheriff Frazee has requested assistance from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation and the federal Drug Enforcement Agency in continuing the investigation. While recreational use and sales of marijuana became legal in Colorado a few days ago, laws and regulations do apply to growing the drug for either personal use or commercial sales. The drug also remains a controlled substance at the federal level despite the recent change in state law.
For further information, contact Sheriff Casey Sheridan at 719-438-5411.