MEDIA RELEASE 01/15/2014

MEDIA RELEASE – For Immediate Release
January 15, 2014

DEA Assists in Removing, Destroying 1,197 Marijuana Plants
(HASWELL, COLORADO) Following an earlier raid by the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office in which nearly 1,200 marijuana plants were discovered, the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) executed a search warrant Wednesday evening (January 8, 2014) at the same home in Haswell, Colorado.

DEA agents recovered 1,197 marijuana plants from the home as well as all of the means of production associated with the cultivation of marijuana. The plants were later destroyed.

Sheriff Forrest Frazee requested assistance in the case due to the scale of production found.

“The assistance from the DEA greatly improved our ability to keep our county a safe place to live,” stated Undersheriff Casey Sheridan

Sheriff’s deputies arrested two people during the first search. Currently both home occupants are out on bond. More charges may be added pending further investigation.

Recreational use of marijuana became legal in Colorado January 1, however strict policies and laws are in place covering the production, distribution and consumption of the drug. Marijuana possession and use remains illegal under federal law.

For further information, contact Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office at 719-438-5411.