Sheriff’s Office Enforcement Plans

The Sheriff’s Office regularly performs special enforcement activities; these can be for upcoming events, or special DUI enforcement activities. Usually we have more special enforcement activities during the summer months. Any special enforcement activities will be listed on this page of the web site.



DUI enforcement

2015 DUI Enforcement the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Colorado Department of Transportation conducts increased patrols during specified enforcement periods throughout the year.

The “Main Street Bash” is a large event in Kiowa County and will have extra officers on duty for the event.

The Kiowa County Fair Activities will take place in September. The Kiowa County Sheriff’s Office will bring on extra manpower to cover the event.



Throughout 2014 the Colorado Department of Public Safety and Department of Transportation pay Law Enforcement Agencies for extra patrol with the directive to enforce set-belt laws. This is to substantially decrease the number of serious injury and fatal crashes so buckle up and drive safe.